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Kenyans Attack Rich Kid Joan Kubai For Saying She’s Single Because Kenyan Men Are Not Her Type

Kubai Joan

She’s mostly remembered from her mouth-widening, viral clip showcasing her parent’s mansion in Runda sometime last year.

The video offered a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Kenya’s rich, with several rooms, an indoor lift and swimming pool among features depicted, something that made her a trending topic for days. 

Now, rich kid Joan Kubai has again hit the trending lists after claiming that she’s single because Kenyan men are not her type.

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In a Youtube video, Kubai revealed that she has been single for a while now because she doesn’t feel Kenyan men anymore.

The 20-year-old was rumored to be dating another rich Kenyan kid but it seems they ended the relationship.

“I’m not taken and not planning to be taken anytime soon. Anyone who is saying we are dating they are lying. I am not interested for now. I’m not searching,” Joan said.

“They (Kenyan men) are not just my type.”

As expected, the comments didn’t go down well with Kenyans –male or female. Many urged her to relocate while others bitterly bashed her for her comments.

Here are some of the comments:

It’s okay… we’re not her type…… such statement should not come from a woman who is not abroad….we shall hear from her later….the good thing is that we’ve evidence for future reference
I don’t see anything wrong with her utterances.may be she is talking from her own experiences with the Kenyan men.let her go for what she wants.kipendacho roho ni dawa
…Maybe she learnt a common lesson 4rom these lions in kenya.I thought she will be asking God for the right partner.Earthly partners dont last….
It’s ok, wait until that time comes when she’ll be lamenting that no man wants to marry her when she hits her 40s. A tongue is a small organ yet very powerful
So Kenyan man gave birth to a child who is not interested in kenyan men. May God keep us alive till she hits 30
She is lucky she is from a wealthy family, she is still too young, guess in college, hope one day she will also show off her house from her own sweat, young girl trend slowly, don’t shout just whisper and thank God for your life.
Women are always allowed to have a certain choice of men but when we say we don’t want single mothers and fat women that’s where they draw the line

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