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Covid-19 the ‘Satan’ devouring but unseen among-st us as we continue counting the dead

Mass Graves in Italy Corana
Mass Graves in Italy Corana

KDRTV-Many theories have been thrown left and right about the plague which has brought the world to a standstill.

No amount of money or scientific approach seems to put an end to the misery bedeviling the human-race as Doctors, research scientists both in the plethora of medical field starting from Internal Medicine, Thoracic Cavity or Pulmonary specialists, Cardiologists, Neuro Physicians’, Bio-chemists, and a litany of Government and private sponsors, World Health Organization and sponsors from world re-known pharmacology manufacturers just to mention a few are all racing against time to find a cure for this pandemic.

The disease which is still mysterious but thought to be transmitted through cough droplets by infected individuals and by touching surfaces which has already been touched by the infected people, affects the upper respiratory system and immobilizes the lungs and then followed by a spike in the body temperature and can kill within minutes depending on one’s immunity.

Patients fight for their lives in Italian Hospitals

Patients fight for their lives in Italian Hospitals

What’s still baffling the World is that the disease does not choose who to infect.  Starting from the greatest Monarchy in the Great Britain it has cut across the bedrooms of the mighty and the less fortunate in the society alike.

Billions of service providers in the hotel industry and manufacturing have been hit hardest a surge in stress associated illnesses have imbibed the communities around the World.  And some people are opting to commit suicide because they can’t face their families without a paper bag on their hand as they usually do every morning or evening after an 8 hours toil in different job sectors.

Students starting from Baby class to University are in jeopardy and not sure when to go back to classes options for online classes is proving difficult because not all or a good number don’t have access to the internet and there were no elaborate systems and structures put in place in case for an eventuality like this.

Worship centers are now turning out to be ghosts’ shrines as dust is filling up the empty spaces and covering the seats and pews neatly arranged in the buildings.

Mighty Government like the USA and across Europe and their cities are also turning out to be ghost towns. Italy and Spain is daily cremating hundreds if not thousands. Doctors and nurses who are in the front line to assist the sick are also affected as they continually get infected and affected.

Army trucks ferry Corona bodies for cremation

Army trucks ferry Corona bodies for cremation

The US Government which was thought to hold barriers and shields to calamities has been caught pants down and is struggling to contain the scourge which has hit many cities across the Country.

Many Car Manufacturers have been “forced” to manufacture Ventilators a job they don’t traditionally do and are grappling to ensure they beat deadlines.

The Designer clothes in the best retailer stores are counting losses, Chefs and some of the World’s best Restaurants’ and vacation destinations have closed. Airlines have been grounded and counting losses save to the ones operating in US who will be bailed out but we don’t know for how long.

This is the worst times to die because only a maximum number of 15 or less people are allowed to attend your burial ceremony. No church services anymore.

Where are we headed?

Police Ambulances in Italy line up to pick bodies from Hospitals in Italy

Police Ambulances in Italy line up to pick bodies from Hospitals in Italy

It’s a complete Emptiness and Vanity!


Our cars are just parked there, nowhere to go to. The private jets are lying in waste, air spaces are all shut, every country nursing its citizens and fighting an unseen tiny enemy.

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Each man is confined to a room in those big mansions and the designers; clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes and make-up kits have all become useless and serving no purpose.


No more urgent appointments and business meetings that deprive us of time with God and family.


No parties to attend and hangouts to meet up with friends, no more convoys and sirens, even the money stocked away in the accounts and soak ways are useless…   


Even our expansive and expensive church auditoriums are empty, it is now each man with his God in truth and in spirit.


All we need today is food and air to breathe, we just want to be alive. Nothing else is really important.


This world has never seen vanity as it is today!

Army trucks ferry bodies of Corona Victims to cemeteries

Army trucks ferry bodies of Corona Victims to cemeteries

Good news is; we all have one more chance to introspect, to reflect and ask yourself why does God need to keep me alive through this? To marry or buy new cars or perhaps finish my doctorate or bachelor’s degree?


What is my purpose in life now and after Covid-19?


Why does God need to spare me and allow others die?


Of what value am I to humanity and to God and His kingdom that should make God to spare me?


Let us pray and repent and seek a more purposeful living after Covid-19.


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