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Unfulfilled promises from women to their lovers haunting them forever

Painful ove
Painful ove
KDRTV News-My life was a template of ignorance. I once believed all that jazz, I was a sucker for the carefully spun lie that: women are automatically the fairer sex in heart, mind, body & soul. ‘All men are liars, ‘dogs!’ 
Women on the other hand; are unquestionably the quintessential parents, that make also for the more: caring, loving, nurturing, compassionate, thoughtful, (benevolently insert any positively flowery attribute you have here) friends & lovers.
Life started forcing my eyes open & I started to see differently. I think my first introduction to reality was when one of my friends in college (back home) was going out with this “saved” girl.
Amid the lover’s promises she would shower him in, she’d also slide it in that if he ever leaves, she would commit suicide by slitting her dainty wrists… (& blame it on him)
Years later, & whilst still a student my neighbor mtaani was knifed TWICE! by his ‘adorable’ girlfriend (they happily live together in London as Man & Wife. I guess people change)
Still more years later, I have seen senior members of my community being left high & dry in Texas by their elderly wives. Some cases make sense, others are just ridiculous. @⁨Monari Bw’Onyancha⁩ do you remember the woman that cheated on her retiring husband, came back home having discovered that in between the sheets dalliances can also involve succulently tongued cunnilingus? & then demanded for the same. Mzee said that since you have discovered this outside with a workmate as old as OUR son. Should I also not learn it with someone younger so that I encounter the energy? She felt slighted, bounced, & changed the Title deeds (Kenya).
My buddy died the other month, RIP. Mtu wa nguvu sana. His wife, though not a Kenyan, allowed for his reparation. We did not see this coming because he had young children here. But the wife respected his wishes. (someone opined that it’s only our women that contest & scuttle our burials nyumbani if only to twist the knife on how vindu Vichanged)
My nephew came here an 18-year-old boy fresh from Ng’ong, on his 1st Friday weekend at Makuti he was seduced by a 60-year-old woman for a weekend of serious kukamuliwa soup. There is no fairer sex. ‘Ni wanaume’ Just a forest of beasts of both sexes.
Now when it comes to stage-managed pretense & manipulation for public consumption, we have beaten hands down. I am a reductionist by self-training. To understand complex systems, I defer to nature & other simplified explanations.
I am very fascinated for example by the duplicity in every woman I ask, “what looks better …the lion or the lioness?” They ALL ignore the mane,
They pretend not to notice how all vibrant animals have more colorful male species.
I mean, who has ever admired a peahen? Splendor is OWNED by the peacock! Enough about that flightless nyoni. Let’s consider all Birds… is it the male that looks dull?
Enough with their plumage… Are they not also the owners of the most beautiful song? Male flowers far outdazzle female flowers. I hate snakes but I guess the male species boast better patterns. The Bible tells us we are fearfully & wonderfully made. But then our slay queens don’t buy that. The surly must cake themselves in HB strips of eyeliner daily, tonnes of “foundation” apt name for a layer of ‘mud’ aimed at deception, add a dead horse’s tail to their short hair, add acrylic nail polish to extenuated talons on blighted fingernails, augmented flat Chapati bottoms, fluff breasts that are all nipple & nothing else in chocked sponges, feet shoved in towering shoe housing invisible ladders to fake “hight” (a requirement that all men must have. So mimi na 4,2’ yangu slay queen hatutaki unless aone Toyota Benz yanu) belts that constrict pot bellies, pot bellies that are blamed on pregnancies even for women that have never seen a man. Potbellies that have never been denied cakes, and confectioneries like they are going out of fashion. Then tualulizwa “do I look fat in this? Yes dear piglet! rape a plate & shows that’s science. Safari ni from lips to rippled hips (if accountability ain’t your gig)
Mention a woman’s weight = body shaming, but it’s cool for her to dismiss yours because “you are not being serious & besides, “nina preference zangu”
We have been fed lies & we have swallowed lies. And we have become lambistic. Yes it’s painful because we do have such amazing women out here. However they are beaten down by these pretentious Taliban. It’s a small but increasingly influential voice. & a very dangerous one. Our chilled sisters with sense in the head are being edged out & it hurts!
Slay queen fabulousity* brings next to nothing to the relationship butt (no pun intended) is quick to ask “how much do you earn & do you cook and clean?” On the first date bro! “Can I bring my friends to the date at your expense to feel safe? No are you mean?”
And oh! The customary, “All men are dogs apart from my boy child. He is my king!”  No “lady!” That’s a puppy you are rearing. Tomorrow’s dog is best seen in today’s puppy.  Hakuna vile Ati nyinyi tu ndio “pure” not with all that fake mountain of adornment around you. The only thing that cannot be used as an instrument of lies ni shadow ya slay queen I say
I once used to believe that fluff that: women are the fairer sex, all men are liars, women make better parents are more caring blah, blah.
Texas opened my eyes & I see different.
There is nothing as good as having a good woman draped around you just as there is nothing as amazing as having a good man. Lakini Sasa Tuko season ya ma Taliban. Vipers! Kazi ni battle of the sexes 24/7 at the expense of tomorrow’s generation because “all men are dogs”
Black men and women need to get back together. Hii ni naona tuna sikiza watu wengine that have never had our best interests in heart since that Portuguese ship landed on us in the 16(sijui what!)
It hurts.
Concerned Citizen

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