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December Cold Moon

(KDRTV)- This year is one of the rare years where we get 13 full moons, the name ’Cold Moon’ comes from an old Native American Tribe, the Mohawks.

As if 2020 needs any more events to be special, this year also coincides with a rare astronomical phenomenon of 13 full moons. The cold moon should be visible from all over the world given a relatively clear sky, the nickname obviously comes from the cold of December and the approaching winter season.

This year astronomers and astrologers were able to see the ‘Christmas Star’ and multiple meteor showers, and while the science is quite boring around this topic, astrologers believe this moon will be the final emotional release button of a troubling year.

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Full moons are a time of climax and closure, they signal the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. These cyclic phenomena have multiple interpretations in many ancient cultures and civilizations, full moons bring on a restored connection to spirit and one’s true self.

Astrologers believe this cancer moon will be a healing one for past wounds and grievances, people might observe some mixed feelings and nostalgia, feelings of overwhelm and sadness, but that only leads to facing those emotions and letting go, to free one’s self from past excess luggage.

We’ve all lost something in 2020, a year without mercy, as we look to the new year, we wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. A year full of opportunities and self-improvement, a year of love and happiness to all mankind.

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