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Fox News Journalist Emily Compagno Faces Wrath of Kenyans On Twitter

Emily Compagno
Emily Compagno

Fox News journalist Emily Compagno is now facing the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter for giving misleading information about pregnant Kenyan women and their rights to vote. Emily, while speaking on a television panel claimed that pregnant Kenyan women are not allowed to leave the house to vote.

“…what about in Kenya, where pregnant women cannot leave the house, so they absolutely have no constructive right to vote,” she said.


Emily Compagno

Her sentiments sparked mixed reactions on Twitter and Kenyans could not keep calm. Esther Passaris was also one of those people who reacted to Emily’s comment about Kenyan women. In her reply, Esther Passaris tweeted;

”@EmilyCompagno Pregnant women in Kenya are allowed to leave the house. Pregnant women in Kenya can vote. Compagno, Pregnant women get priority on voting lines. Pregnant women do give birth free of charge under the government #lindamama program. Retract your statement.”
Subsequently, the hashtag Someonetellfox news became number one on the Twitter trend. Here is the video of Emily Compagno and her sentiments on Kenyan women and also Oman.

Kenyans reaction

Here are some Kenyan comments on Emily’s statement.
Jean Frida posted: ”Please inform her even in Banks, pregnant ladies are given priority of service. Banks which are so advanced these days we hardly visit them any longer. Mothers with kids are given priority at the polls. Tell her pregnant ladies in Africa are generally treated like queens.”

”Emily Compagno wanted to sound factual by randomly mentioning a country in Africa to use as an example in her statement. Well, she chose the wrong one!” Tweeted Derick Munene. 

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On the other hand, Frank Ganda Twitted, ”The problem is not Emily Compagno‘s ignorance, insensitivity, and narrow mindedness: The problem is Fox News that has given such a clueless woman a platform to misinform her audiences about in Kenya and her pregnant women and voting rights.”

However, The Kenyan Constitution 2010 states that every citizen has the right to vote without unreasonable restrictions in Article 38.

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