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China Asks Nato To Stop Exaggerating Its Threat

Nato chief says “we`re not entering a new Cold War and China is not our adversary, not our enemy”

NATO Secretary Genral Jen Stoltenberg speaking to media at NATO summit in Brussels June 14 2021.
NATO Secretary Genral Jen Stoltenberg speaking to media at NATO summit in Brussels June 14 2021.

KDRTV NEWS: In the recent global developments, China has deeply entered the bad book of the world giant alliances G7 and Nato.

China is now accusing Nato of hyping up its threat and slandering its peaceful development.

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Nato has warned of “systematic challenges” coming from China

Nato has wanted that the move by Beijing to expand its nuclear arsenal, threatened threatened “rules-based international order.”

KDRTV notes that this is the first time China is placed at the center of discussion with Nato.

While responding to the allegations, China said that its defense policy is defensive in nature and urged the alliance to bestow more efforts on promoting dialogue.

“Our pursuit of defence and military modernisation is justified, reasonable, open and transparent,” China’s mission to the European Union said in a statement.

Nato has expressed concerns over Chinese expansion of nuclear weapons. China has said its defence policy is defensive in nature.

Nato has expressed concerns over the Chinese expansion of nuclear weapons. China has said its defense policy is defensive in nature.

Nato made the claims about China after a day of a summit in Brussels on Monday. This was the first time Joe Biden is attending the Nato summit as President. The US is also a member of the G7.

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What is Nato?: NATO is defined as the North Atlantic Treatyaliance  Organization and is an international alliance that is made up of 30 member states.

Nato considers Russia which is not a member as the major threat.

However, the US President is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday.

Nato is concerned about China because it believes Beijing`s:

“stated ambitions and assertive behavior present systemic challenges to the rules-based international order and to areas relevant to Alliance security”.

“We remain concerned with China’s frequent lack of transparency and use of disinformation,” it says.

Nato has issued a strong statement about China after G7 leaders also accused Chiana of exposing poor nations to huge debts that they cannot pay back as well as violation of human rights.

G7 leaders in Cornwall

G7 leaders in Cornwall

G7 thus went ahead and formed an alliance to counter growing China`s global infrastructural plan. The established counter scheme by G7 is known as the Build Back Better plan (B3W)

China responded to the G7 saying that it is a small group that cannot rule the world and that the days when the small group could rule the world are long gone.

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