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Nancy Pelosi Humiliates Trump

Nancy Pelosi commenting on Trump action to veto Stimulus Bill and Defense Bill

(KDRTV)-The president suddenly decided to sign the $900 Billion Covid-19 relief bill after a week of delay, the same unchanged bill that the president refused to sign and called a ‘disgrace’.

Trump’s rather random and illogical actions are unfolding by the day, the president criticized the stimulus bill as insufficient and wasteful, he argued that Americans should receive $2000 instead of $600 payment checks, yet he had the idea to somehow sign the bill between golf matches like nothing ever happened. Hard to tell the reasons or who convinced Trump to sign it, in this era of US politics, nothing makes sense anymore.

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For all we know, the president could have received a sign from the universe to sign it, he could have had his mind changed by spiritual inspiration or the likely scenario where a certain party had leverage on him and used it. The actual Bill was flown over to Florida and Trump signed it from Mar a Lago club, while having Christmas with his family, for all we know, an emotional family moment could have changed his mind about it.

The strange thing here is that his demands to mend the stimulus bill actually started a movement and gained momentum in the house of representatives. Democrats were aligning themselves with the trend and pushing in the same direction, the $2000 would have certainly worked out in the end. Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on board, saying ‘Let’s Do it!’.

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Something changed Trump’s mind about the Bill and it’s left for pure speculation to figure out what exactly. That didn’t stop Nancy Pelosi from moving forward with the $2000 payment check plan in a new initiative called the CASH Act, an additional modification to increase the payment to Americans, the House is expected to formally vote on the act today Monday 28th of December.

The vote will be a typical floor vote and the ball is now in Trump’s court, to get his party inline and vote to pass it. Democrats are full in with Pelosi, if the CASH act makes it through the vote, Trump will be left in a tight spot where Pelosi and the Democrats come out as the winner, something he doesn’t savor that well.

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