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Tigray Crisis: Is It Govt Humanitarian Ceasefire Or TDF`s Victory

TDF fighters celebrate “stunning victory” as the Ethiopian government calls humanitarian ceasefire.

Residents of Tigray region celebrating what they refered to as stunning victory as the government called a ceasefire
Residents of Tigray region celebrating what they refered to as stunning victory as the government called a ceasefire

KDRTV NEWS: Capital Mekelle in the Tigray region has been retaken by rebel forces in the region.

Many residents have been seen on the streets celebrating as Ethiopian government officials flee the region.

Thousand have been waving flags and fireworks as signs of victory in the Capital Mekelle.

The government which took over Mekelle in November has called a humanitarian ceasefire in the region.

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Acoirdn got our previous reports, Tigray rebels dismissed political reforms and captured army bases.

The Ethiopian troops, alongside Eritrean troops, have been fighting rebels in the Tigray region.

The battle has caused the deaths of thousands, and millions have been pushed to famine.

Millions have also been forced to flee their homes.

Before what is called a humanitarian ceasefire by the Ethiopian government, there have been recent fights between government troops and the Tigray People`s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The rebels reportedly recapture the capital Mekelle on Monday.

TPLF has released a statement praising a “stunning victory,” saying Mekelle is now under Tigray Defense Forces.

The statement calls the rebel forces “to stay vigilant, relentless and on constant alert until Tigray is fully free of all invading forces.”

However, there are concerns after the TDF`s spokesperson said that the rebel fighters would destroy the enemy by entering the neighboring Amhara region and Eritrea, whose troops have been fighting alongside the Ethiopian army.

“We have to ensure that the enemy, whether from the Eritrean side or Amhara side or Addis Ababa, doesn’t have the capability to threaten the security of our people anymore,” he said.

KDRTV has thus estblished that what the Ethiopian government referred to as a “humanitarian ceasefire” is considered a stunning victory to TDF fighters.

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The UN had called upon the Ethiopian government to a ceasefire in the Tigray region to allow the besieged residents to access humanitarian assistance.

After the move by the Ethiopian government, the international communities will now watch to see if the ceasefire is a turning point and if humanitarian groups will move into the region freely.

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