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Top 5 Countries With The Best Military In Africa

Military is the most important but underrated profession in most countries. Some countries have stronger military personnel than others. There are a number of factors that determines how powerful a country’s military should be ranked. It starts from weapons used, tankers, types of cars and military jets.

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However, there are three major groups of army. The navy, air force and army. Additionally,  the United States army has six branches. The Air Force, Army, Coast guard, Marine Corps. Navy and Space Force.

Here are five countries with the strongest military in Africa


Egypt is armed with a massive number of militants. Its big number of military personnel is one of the factors that has made it one of the strongest military in Africa.

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Additionally, Egypt has 10,000 armoured vehicles, 60,000 logistical and 1, 092 aircraft.

On the shows, it also has powered submarines.


In the global ranking, Algeria Military is ranked number 27. It has 2000 armoured vehicles. However, they are equipped with more than 2000 tankers, 1000 infantry vehicles and more than 4,400 armoured personnel carriers.

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South Africa

The South African National Defence Force was created in 1994. It replaced South African Defence Force.

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However, its main work is to safeguard the border operations, disaster relief and the safety of the people.

It comprises of South African Army, Airforce, Navy and South Africa Military Health Service.


Despite not having a maritime border, Ethiopia is still in the top five in Africa. It has developed its army and airforce. Nonetheless, it has over 140,000 troops.

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Nigeria has more than 1800 armoured vehicles, 250 tanks and 6000 logistical Vehicles. It also has over 300 aircraft and 25 high powered naval vessels.

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This makes it one of the strongest military in Africa.

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