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Are Kenyan men becoming an endangered species?

Men are suffering in this country.

dangers of stress
dangers of stress

KDRTV News Nairobi

1.Last week in Kakamega, Pherine Maero, a nurse by profession, poisoned her two children, aged 7 and 9, on Saturday night, March 5 and later called her estranged husband, to “come and collect the bodies of your children.” She killed the man’s children to punish him. Several women excused her criminal conduct, citing mental health issues. Others claimed she must have been through a lot.

This was a criminal. She murdered her children and neighbors divulged how abusive she had been towards the gentleman. Because a man was her victim left behind mourning his kids, it was excused away. If it was a man who had committed that crime…


  1. This week, Captain Ochenge, a renown boda boda rider, was thrown in a police cell after he went to report an assault attempt on him by two women, one of whom was a wife to a police officer. Guys pleaded for justice for him on twitter but DCI didn’t seem moved.


  1. A woman was assaulted by a rowdy gang this week on Forrest Road. The whole country was up in arms about the incident. Even the president spoke about it. The police have since been randomly arresting boda boda riders and beating them up savagely in retaliation. We see them lying bleeding on the roads, clothes torn, unable to rise up. The police take away their bikes, leaving them to starve.

Meanwhile, the lady in question, who was speeding on the wrong side, had hit Hezron Mwenda, a motorbike rider employed by a laundry company. Hezron is now admitted in hospital with two fractures and has been fitted with metal plates. The lady who hit him has Diplomatic immunity and his family is trying to reach her.


  1. Tom Okwach was buried alive when a mine collapsed at the Abimbo goldmine in Bondo on December 2 last year as he toiled to feed his family. Rescue efforts were abandoned after a week and he was left to die like a dog.


  1. USIU Professor Mosoti worked hard his whole life. He built his two wives’ beautiful houses in Kamulu. But they were so hostile and toxic that he had to flee from home despite being disabled after a hip surgery. He was found dead on the morning of December 11th in a bed-sitting room he had rented just two miles from the houses he had built for his two wives on the same site in Kamulu, Nairobi. Inside the professor’s only belongings, in his quest to start life again; included a 1.80 by 1.80 meter bed, an old mattress, a 6 kilogram gas burner and a sufuria.


  1. Our own Frankie Just Gymn it, a man who is a committed trainer and a role model to many, faced with mounting marital strife and an unmanageable wife, walked away for his own sanity and settled down with a Kenyan socialite. They started a family. Two beautiful kids later, he was a doting father who adored his kids. But she kicked him out saying she can’t take nduma for breakfast. People just laughed at this gentleman. Mulamwas was also cuckolded and he now spends his time complaining about how his stepchild is not being well taken care of by an alcoholic mother.


  1. This week, a Co-Op bank married mother of three kids elected to convert her body to a huduma centre for shitbags. She was generously serving her colleagues with her viscous insides left, right and centre. Her distressed husband reported to HR in a desperate effort to save his marriage but he was later forced to withdraw his complaint and live with the humiliation of having a woman married to the streets.


  1. Last year, Shaffie Weru, Joe Mfalme, Neville Musya were fired from their jobs because they advised women not to go on dates with strangers because it was dangerous. Their remarks were classified as promoting gender-based violence and they were accused of “gross misconduct.” Their means of earning a livelihood were taken away just like that. They were silenced and savagely reminded that they were merely men. Nobody wanted to hear what they had to say.


  1. A few years ago, a police report indicated that Prof Mugenda, husband of Judicial Service Commissioner Prof Olive Mugenda, allegedly leapt to his death from his room at a prestigious hotel in Nyeri town. Why the don was living in the hotel and what would make the 66-year-old don jump to his death from the sixth floor of the four-star hotel at 5 am is for you to guess.


  1. In 2019, The body of tycoon Tob Cohen was found by DCI in a septic tank at his Kitisuru home in Nairobi. The body was discovered a day after the tycoon’s wife Sarah Wairimu was presented in court on a murder charge. Today she is roaming free and is busy building a luxury hotel.


  1. A few years ago, in a remote village in Western Kenya, a 16-year old Form Three student fell in love with a 14-year-old girl. The minors’ relationship was known to their families, relatives and neighbours. Later on, the girl’s grandmother accused the boy of defiling her granddaughter. The boy was arrested and charged with defiling his girlfriend who was not 18, meaning she had not attained Kenya’s age of consent for sexual relations. He was handed a 20-year sentence, which he is serving at Kodiaga Prison, one of the toughest in the country. Despite his being a minor, the boy was processed as an adult after court records erroneously indicated he was 19 at the time of committing the offence.


  1. In 2019, a man, John Mutinda, drove his vehicle into the Indian Ocean out of despair because of the domestic violence and marital anguish he endured at home. At the time of his death, John Mutinda was still recovering from severe burns inflicted by his wife who scalded him with hot water. His mother said that “After he scalded him with hot water, the wife rushed to lodge a complaint at Central Police Station Mombasa, prompting police to lock up my son in custody for four days” the mother said adding he was released without any charges being preferred against him.

By concerned Citizen -an opinion from one of our readers

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