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Has Raila and the gallant liberators really forgiven Moi ?

The people currently wondering why victims of Nyayos torture, murder, autocratic rule cannot forgive Moi if Raila has forgiven him

KDRTV- I joined the struggle for freedom, justice, equality, dignity, human rights and Democratic governance as a young school boy in Homabay School. Some people choose the struggle but I truly believe God chose me for the struggle.
He planted me in the place where my purpose, ministry is. After nearly 30 years of observing and actively participating in the political and social justice struggles,  I have come to learn that my own legacy is important not just that of Moi, Raila, Uhuru, my Bishop, my Dad etc.
I totally understand why Raila, Orengo and erstwhile comrades in the struggle are behaving the way they are behaving currently as relates to the current mourning of Moi. It is not because of forgiveness but for political correctness in order to justify why they are working with and promoting the very Moism, Kenyattaism that destroyed millions.
Forgiveness is a settled issue.. I forgave Moi so that I can heal and be free.. But I cannot force it on others. No one should press others to forgive nor should we hide the truth of the Moi error because it’s so ugly.
Moi and Raila

Moi and Raila

The people currently wondering why victims of Nyayos torture, murder, autocratic rule cannot forgive Moi if Raila has forgiven him should know that Raila after 1998 became a beneficiary of the system. Raila is pursuing an agenda.. Of minimization of the trauma, of the impact of  destruction of the Moi years in order to launder Moi, Uhuru,  Moi’s boys so that he can justify working with them. In psychology this is a tried and tested strategy.. Minimize and normalize. “Oh, every body in Africa was doing it” Was  Mwalimu Nyerere doing it?
Mandela and ANC demanded a full fledged transitional justice process where the victims, the violated, the families of the killed, the raped, the muzzled spoke their truth and poured out their pain and grief.. The violators also owned up to what they did to fellow human beings. Violators found out that the condition for amnesty and  avoid being jailed was to confess and own up in full to their ugly acts of commission and omission.
That is how a wound is healed. Not by applying deodorants, plaster and whitewashing the rot and stench. Not by allowing the Gumos to come back and denigrate and humiliate the victims of Moi’s repression and killer torture machinery. Did you see Gumo lie blatantly about Moi educating Koigi’s son at Kabarak? And some Kenyans believing such a pathological liar!
Let me tell Raila this; you are writing your own legacy right now by your acts of commission and omission; NDP gave Moi the plaster to coverup for five years.. 1998-2002. The plaster wore out but the wound was not healed. We gave Kibaki the plaster of ‘Kibaki Tosha’ knowing he was a dyed in the wool Moist.
The plaster wore out by 2006 after he refused to honor the MOU. In  2007/8 the country burnt after the plaster had worn out completely and Kibaki rigged the election and staged a coup.  The wound was so raw now. You gave Kibaki plaster number two to cover up the wound for 2008-2013.. Kibaki handed over power to Uhuru to relaunch the Kenyatta-Moi agenda of hurting the people to keep power and enrich themselves. Ruto provided Uhuru with plaster number 1 that lasted till 2017.
Ruto thinks we don’t know he is the provider of the 2013 plaster called elastoplast which has now worn out and thrown away by Uhuru. 2018 you provided Uhuru plaster Number two on March 9th when his rule had run out of oxygen completely .. This was your handshake number three. This handshake plaster is just that, a plaster. The wound has not healed, it is festering. The dead and maimed of 2017/8 are numerous.
By the way it was Kibaki who gave Moi the plaster in 1992. The opposition had won the election massively even with FORD splitting. It was Kibaki who split central for Moi to rig himself back. Moi had no chance in 1992.
Healing the wound requires treatment. The truth, justice and reconciliation surgery,  treatment and medicine . Treatment can be painful. But wounds cannot heal unless treated.
What we are seeing at Nyayo Stadium, long queues to enter bunge to see Moi’s remains is PR, revising history, covering up, laundering, thickening the plaster. But plasters never heal wounds. They are not treatment or medicine. Once your BBI thick plaster is worn out, the stench will be there stubbornly reminding us that the treatment was never carried out.
You very well know that the BBI has only one purpose.. To ensure that the TJRC report, the Ndung’u Land report, the Akiwumi report, the Waki report and all the other reports don’t get implemented. To ensure that Uhuru does not account for the killed and maimed of 2017 including baby Pendo, Musando etc; that he does not answer for the looting and plunder under his term one etc.
The media is of course the leader in this plaster business, understandably because it’s Moi and Kenyatta’s media. They cannot paint Moi in bad light. So I am not even going to complain about the media plaster job. History, Social science and the gospel tells me that the truth cannot be shut up for long. And it’s only the truth that shall set us free.
Eventually we get to know the details of how Dr Robert  Ouko was murdered..a Moi loyalist murdered in the most gruesome manner after being tortured and then his body burnt with acids.  The system does not just kill the opponents like Pio Gama Pinto, Karimi Nduthu, and torture and exile the likes of the Mwakenya leaders and the Nyayo House gallant advocates of justice;   it also kills its loyalists like TJ Mboya, JM Kariuki, Ken Matiba, Ouko etc.. Why did Kenyatta’s men shoot hundreds of Luos in Kisumu in 1969? Our children will ask us these questions. Who killed Musando?
This plaster jobs are not good. These PR stunts to launder criminals in order to make it acceptable to work with them is deadly to the good of our nation. Institutions of governance have collapsed because of this plaster works. The Supreme Court ordered that the servers be opened up for scrutiny. Till this day, that order remains unimplemented. Instead the judiciary is being revisited forcing CJ Maraga to make very embarrassing remarks to massage the ego of the President so may be the revisit may be halted.
The economy is frail and nearly 13 million are unemployed. We can hardly support county governments, we can hardly pay our madeni. We are taxing our citizens to their knees.. But we must launder Uhuru and his system therefore we must spend all we must, I am told 300m to launder Moi and rewrite our history. Because we are in a relation now with the Mois and the Kenyattas.
Without proper truth telling,  justice, writing the true history, reparations, proper forgiveness asking, rehabilitation of institutions of governance, recovery of stolen assets to help with rebuilding our economy, ending corruption and carrying out civic education that forms conscious citizens.. Without ensuring non repetition of these legacies of looting, maiming, torturing, killings, grabbing, acting with impunity .. The plaster is coming off soon. And the legacy of our leader of the struggle -RAO- is also on the line. Fare thee well DT Moi.
By Cyprian Nyamwamu.

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