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“Surrender, Surrender everything,” how my pastor, in the middle of the prayer, ordered me to give away all my wealth.

fake pastor
fake pastor

KDRTV News-My name is Anunda from Kakamega County living in Nairobi where my wife bought me a property before she flew out of the country to further her studies.

During my stay in the city, I was introduced to a church in Kangemi estate where I used to spend most of my time after I had lost my plum job due to a car accident I was involved in.

My caring wife bought me the plot and developed it when she learnt that I could nolonger work or do anything productive.  She took a loan from a bank, bought a plot and fully developed before leaving to Germany.

The property was able to fetch me sh 120,000 in rents every month what was sufficient to take care of my bills together with our 3 children who were in city primary and secondary school.

That since the only place I could spend my day was in church where I would find solace; the church I was introduced to became my second home. I started visiting there every evening and Sundays for prayers and had a very good relationship with the pastor with whom we were able to share our life experiences as he was a sociable character.

Also I had never heard any complain from other faithfuls that he was a bad leader and therefore no doubt that I had find the right man of cloth to encourage me the rest of my life.

In most cases when he was preaching, I can remember, he would encourage the congregation to tithe regularly to be able to finally meet their miracles.

He would ask us to give as much as we can to the church to be blessed, little did I know, God forbid, that he was targeting my wealth since he was still growing his church and struggling financially.

Landlords to step forward for blessings

And if my memory serves me right, one Sunday in 2016, in the middle of the sermon, he asked all landlords to step forward. In the whole church I was the only landlord present.

“Nyinyi ni wenye ploti hapa. Ninataka kuwaambia nyinyi wote ni wabarikiwa …amini msiamini nyinyi mtamiliki maploti sio aka kamoja lakini kuna jambo lazima matafanya kwanza….Ameeeen,” he posed as I bowed down in silence and submission.

“Lazima mlifanye hili jambo ndio mtaona miujiza zaidi,” he pressed on adding, “Kneel down and surrender everything you have, surrender in Jesus name!”

At that point, I started thinking what is this I should surrender?… and before I even finished thinking about it, he held my hand and told the congregation that “this man is going to be a billionaire in just one month. He will be a living testimony.”

“Hizo nyumba zako acha kabisa. Hizo nyumba zako achia Mungu na utaona Baraka za magari na mabiashari kubwa kubwa” the pastor ordered as he blessed my life.

When he finished praying, as you know the kind of a feeling and pride that comes with a pastor singling you out of hundreds of congregants forced me to do the unthinkable, I opened my mouth and surrendered my building to the church.

“I am giving out all my wealth… I am blessing this house of God with my only property….I don’t want it anymore,” I confessed in front of cameras.

The church clapped and I felt glory come down to me. Oooh! I knew I was actually doing the right thing. He handed me to his juniors who then told me to bring all the property papers if I was serious with what I had promised before the church. What a difficult decision!

Brought my property documents

That evening I was tempted and brought all the documents to the church in surrender of my only plot which my beautiful wife was just about to finish paying loan.

After the move,  the only place I was left to sit every Sunday like other congregants, was at the back bench of the church clapping for the pastor everytime he preached.

I could not even afford food for my family and kept calling the (pastor) to support me with some few coins for supper. He kept promising me a bright and successful future.

When my wife returned from college abroad, she was surprised that I had surrendered our plot away and that I could not afford even food. I had been reduced to a mere beggar… Only remained at the mercy of the pastor.

“Plot yetu iko wapi dear,” she probed.

“Nilipeana kwa kanisia ili tupate baraka,” I answered. My wife was mad that evening and told me in the face how I had been fooled in broad daylight. I actually came back to my senses and thought I had not done any justice to her. We started chasing for our property back but the pastor started dodging us. He stopped picking our calls and chose to delegate church duties to his juniors for close to six month.

Happening to have heard what we were going through, someone advised my wife that we should seek the services of Mugwenu Doctors who are located in Vihiga. Though skeptical for things to do with witchcraft, we reached to the traditional doctor who then probed us on what had transpired and how the plot found itself in the hands of the stranger. We explained, he listened then laughed and told us to wait and see.

In just a record one week, the pastor was calling and told us he was sorry for conning us our hard-earned property in the name of blessing our family. He gave back our title deed and we are grateful to Mugwenu Traditional Doctor. He is indeed a professional.

Email Dr Mugwenu at
Website – .
Telephone: +254740637248.

To book an appointment or for more information, call Dr. Mugwenu on +254 740 637 248 or visit


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