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Biden Launches First Military Attack

Joe Biden launches a first military attack on Iranian-supported militants, 22 casualties reported.

US urges Russia and Turkey to withdraw troops
US urges Russia and Turkey to withdraw troops

(KDRTV)-The United States President Joe Biden has ordered an airstrike on an Iranian-funded militants group as his first military action since his election. 

KDRTV has established that an Iranian-funded militant group is based in Eastern Syria and they include  Kait’ib Hezbollah and Kait’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada.

The reports were revealed by the United States defence Department (Pentagon)

At the same time, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has confirmed his certainty that the airstrike has been launched in rebel-held areas.

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” Let me just say that I am proud of our soldiers who carried out the attack. As you would expect they have done it with great professionalism and we are grateful for their service. We know that our target areas were being used by the same Shiite militant group that has carried out attacks on Americans in Iraq, ” explained Austin.

However, KDRTV notes that US officials did not disclose whether there were casualties.

However, we have received a report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that said that 22 Iranian-backed Iraqi militants had been killed in the strike.

However, according to Pentagon, the United States had consulted with coalition forces before launching the attack.

and that the strike sent a message that America is focused on protecting Americans and its allies under Joe Biden`s administration.

The US authorities revealed the attack was a retaliation response following attacks on the US troops and embassies in Iraq.

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The previous attacks that have been launched by the Iranian-sponsored militants have killed and wounded several foreigners in the country.

So far, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif spoke by telephone with his Syrian counterpart Faisal al-Migdad just hours after the attack.

They only emphasized there is a need for Western nations to adhere to UN Security Council resolutions on Syria.

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