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Inside Putin’s Security Detail

Vladimir Putin bodyguards
Vladimir Putin bodyguards

Vladimir Putin is one of the most powerful and most protected men in the world. He has one of the highly trained security personnel. Despite all this, Putin also has some personal strength and he was also an agent who worked for a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years.

Putin and his security personel testing a sniper gun

Putin and his security personnel testing a sniper gun

As the Russian president, his security team is well equipped with armored vehicle and all are armed to teeth just in case of any kind of an attack.

How does his security detail work?

Before Putin plan to have a visit any where in or out of his country, his security personnel would always go a month prior to make sure the place is secure. They foremost analyse all possible threats, criminal activity or even possibility of natural disaster.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

During his stay, all IT team get ready to install jammers that blocks any kind of radio detonation signals to where the president is.
The security team also has the right and authority to install and use tapping hardware to conduct body searches, access the premises and also usurp any civilian vehicle.

The Federal Protective Service

The Federal Protective Service (FPS) is responsible for the security of the Russian president.
However, the federal security service also ensures the president security is intact. Unknown to many, the personnel working for the FPS do not need any kind of real war experience.

Putin armoured vehicle

Putin armored vehicle

According to former security argent employee, the combat experience is useful but not applicable in protecting the president. The body guard only protects the president from someone who is invisible and not those that can be seen.

On the other hand, the guard must have operational psychology that allows him to foresee and prevent all possible treats.

What does it take to be one of Putin’s guard?

There are some other requirements that one needs to have to be part of the president security team.

One must be younger than 35 years of age, his height should be between 175 and 190 cm and weigh between 75 – 90 kgs. The work is draining a lot and that is why one is discharged once he clocks 35 years of age. The body guards also need  to understand at least five foreign language. They need to understand the people from other foreign countries and those that approach the president.

They body guards are also trained to maintain substantial cold in light coats and not sweat in the heat.

How are they organised?

First circle

The guards are usually organised in four circles. The ones closest to the President are usually in black suits and dark sun glasses with an earpiece in their ear.

However, the security details have suitcase that can be used as a bullet proof, launch a nuclear bomb and fold a sub-machine gun.

Putin with his security details carrying a suitcase

Putin with his security details carrying a suitcase

The arms are also armed with Gurza pistol which can shoot up to 40 bullets per minute. Additionally, its bullet can penetrate a bullet proof vest in close range of 50 meters distance.
The guards also have kevlar umbrellas carried around to protect them from projectiles.

How Putin's bodyguards operate - Russia Beyond

Putin and his body guard

The second circle

The second circle is usually dressed formally and are indistinct in the crowd. They usually look out for potential attackers.

Third circle

The third circle usually surrounds the president to prevent the crowd from being close to the president.

The fourth circle

They are usually snipers. The snippers are positioned in rooftops of buildings. It is not advisable to run or scream towards the president. In any second, you can be shot.

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Ultimately, there is an entourage of armored vehicles with skillful drivers and cops armed with Ak 47, sniper guns and anti-tank grenade launchers.

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